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We are a Seattle-area house rabbit rescue and we have lots of great, healthy bunnies for adoption. We are also experts when it comes to special-needs house rabbits, and we want our website to become a resource for special-needs bunny owners. We care for 60-80 bunnies at our shelter, and we provide permanent sanctuary for bunnies who need specialized care. We are an all-volunteer, registered 501(c)3 organization. 

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Goodbye, Danny.  1998-2012

What a sweet face. We'll miss it so.

Our Danny has left us. We can't really believe it, because it felt like he'd go on forever. But alas, all things must come to an end, even beautiful loving animals like our dearest Danny. Danny was Shani's bunny, and, though he lived happily at Angie's house, he knew he was Shani's. She'd come to hold him at least 2-3 times a week and this was no little snuggle-and-gotta-go. These were marathon 4-5 hour love-a-thons. Shani would bring her Kindle and read while Danny would cuddle in and alternate between blissful napping, licking Shani within an inch of her life and, once in a while, digging to let Shani know he needed his litterbox (and she would set him down for just the right amount of time, and then snuggling would resume).

Sleeping on his beloved Shani. The love between them was immeasureable.Shani and Angie spent may hours peacefully holding bunnies, reading, and watching movies, and they both treasure that time. We know that Shani will generously transfer her incredible snuggle-skills to our other bunnies (bunnies like blind and deaf Gilby, who lives for love), but we also know that she will miss her Danny terribly, as we all will. We're so grateful for our time with him and all he taught us.

It was time, and he let us know.

Goodnight, sweetest Danny. We can't imagine Special Bunny without you, and we'll keep looking for your dapper little face in your king-of-the-mountain condo for months, we jSuch a beepable nose.ust know it.

Give your bunnies extra love in honor of Danny tonight, and maybe even a small bite of an oatmeal cookie in his honor. They were his absolute favorite.


What a handsome young man! A 6-year-old Danny in 2004.



Dapper Danny

Oh, our dearest, darlingest Danny!

Danny is 12 or 13 years old. Yup, that's right. 12 or 13. That is elderly and then some for bunnies, but Danny just keeps on keepin' on. We adore him--especially Shani, who 'belongs' to Danny (even more than Danny belongs to her). Shani visits several times a week to snuggle Danny for several hours at a time. Yup. That's right. Hours. Danny would be happy just hanging out on Shani's lap forever. Once in a while he wakes up and lets her know he needs his litterbox, and she puts him in it for just long enough, and then he's ready for more snuggling, thanks!

Danny did have a family of his own for a while, but that didn't work out, which made both him and his previous owners very sad. He came back to us to live the rest of his (LONG!) life as the king of the castle at Special Bunny. Danny has his own perch high up in a luxury condo, complete with lots of soft things for him to lie on and a bunny-safe heating pad of his very own.

Danny is slowing down a little bit more these days, which makes us sad. But his life has been (and still is!) long and full of a lot of love,  like every bunny's should be.

Danny helped us learn that artificial fleece (with a texture like sheepskin) works great for bunnies who have less control of their bladders as they get older. It helps to wick away moisture and that is essential for keeping an older bunny's skin healthy. We change Danny's condo every day now, which involves:

  • stripping out the fleece and the wet towels underneath,
  • replacing them all with freshly washed towels and fleece,
  • making sure his soft bed and heating pad are in tip-top shape,
  • replacing the rolled towels that we've placed around the perimeter of his condo to give him something comfy to lean on,
  • fresh food and water, of course -- and note that you should only leave very shallow water bowls in with elderly rabbits or rabbits with paralysis or bad balance, as rabbits like to hang out around their water bowls and have been known to fall into them (it sounds like a joke, but it isn't...)
  • a daily dose of Metacam for his arthritis, which he loves and slurps right out of the syringe,
  • lots of snuggles and pets, and of course reminders that Danny is indeed the most handsome bunny in all of creation.

If you have questions about your own elderly or special needs bunny, send them to us and we'll answer and post for others with the same questions. We'll be on the couch, snuggling Danny.


Kanga (now Hurley) finds love at long, long last!


Oh Kanga! You have a new name, a new love, and a new home!

Kanga, now Hurley, has a new home...after being with us for many years! It just goes to show that there's always hope for happy endings here at Special Bunny. Kanga came to us as a young bun, and he bonded with Havana, our beautiful big brown rex. Kanga and Havana lived happily together until she died a few months ago, and Kanga was very very lonely. However, he was also a butthead (that's a technical term that we use here in the bunny rescue biz--it means "insists on nipping new ladies even though he's totally lonely and we can tell he actually likes having them around, the big bozo."

We tried Kanga with a few lovely lady-buns, and he was having none of it. That is, until Starbuck came into the picture! She was rescued with many other animals who were kept in dreadful conditions by people who were using Craigslist to get animals from people with the intention of (gag) eating them. Luckily, they were caught, and the animals rescued, and Starbuck ended up with us. We were afraid she wouldn't want to be with another bunny, after having been kept in terrible conditions, with little food, with so many bunnies for so long. When we first introduced them, sparks did indeed fly, though they were the wrong kind of sparks. But our intrepid bonding-volunteer  wouldn't take 'nip! grunt!" for an answer, and after several dates, they were getting along much better.

And...look at them now! Here's a note from their new mom, our dear friend Elizabeth:

All is going extremely well. I set the x pen up in living room and slept on couch so I could listen overnight for any fighting.  Kanga, who is now called Hurley, grunted at Starbuck a couple of times but no outright fights.  I went out for several hours this am and they were fine.  So I moved them next door to Hershey & Pippin.

I have had both of them out on the couch, and even held Starbuck on my lap. :)

I'll keep you posted!

Elizabeth :)




Cranberry becomes Moomin, happy with his hoomins.

Moomin, who we called Cranberry while he was here at the shelter, is now happy as a clam in his new home. He came to us from Craigslist, and when Angie went to pick him up, the woman grabbed him by the ears and held him up. This is a terrible, and often deadly, way to pick up a rabbit (they can easily break their backs or necks, and it's terribly painful!). So, Angie grabbed Moomin and got out of there as soon as possible. The poor little guy also had a terrible swollen eye infection. We used some of our donated funds to get Moomin to a vet, and now we hope he's forgotten that bad part of his life. He's going to be a spoiled-rotten bunny forever more, and we couldn't be happier about that.


Padfoot and Norbert...a loooong love story

Padfoot is the black bunny in the photo. She was adopted to bond with Norbert, an uber-beloved pet. Well, the two would have NOTHING to do with each other. We mean super duper battle royales. But Michelle (the human in the equation) fell in love with Padfoot (shocker!) and couldn't bring her back, so Michelle created zones in her home...with lots and lots of x-pens and gates. Her bun-loving (and very patient) husband Bill must have been thrilled when, SIX MONTHS LATER, the two bunnies decided to bond! Just goes to show you, patience can work miracles. The two buns are now double-spoiled and double-loved and double-cute.