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Everest finds new love...with gorgeous Mz. Snowy!

Everest came to us when he was a teeny tiny little thing. For the first couple of weeks, we weren't at all sure that he was going to survive. Angie kept him warm by snuggling him cupped between her hands.

Everest survived and thrived on a special formula for baby bunnies and meds that helped him fight off infections. He had a huge appetite and had to be fed often. And then, he had to be cleaned! Baby bunnies are not the tidiest eaters in the world.

Baby bunnies don't eat greens right away. Their digestive systems have to develop enough to be able to handle things like parsley. As you can see in our pictures, Everest took to greens like a champ!

Little Everest loved growing up with the gentle care of Angie, who held him and loved him, but also gave him freedom to run around and stretch his cute little leggies. 

Everest got his name from his love of climbing. And his first big adventure was climbing Angie's couch, where Pumpkin and Chloe (you can read more about them on in the permanent residents area of the site) have made a home for themselves.  As you can see, they were very patient with Everest, who thought they were the coolest things ever, and wanted to hang out with them all the time.

As a trouble-making toddler, he loved romping around Angie's house, and would find lots of ways to get in 'trouble'. In this shot, he was caught helping himself to some treats that Angie bought at our fundraising auction. Yum!

And then...it was time for forever home! Angie knew she was going to miss Everest terribly, but it was time to find him his own forever home, where he could have the companionship of another bunny and plenty of room to run and play every single day. And that's when he met...SNOWY! She's on the left in this shot. We can only imagine they took one look at each other and thought 'Oh! That's the most beautiful rabbit I've ever seen!' And of course we agree.

Snowy and Everest fell in love, almost at first sight. Snowy simply flopped out and snuggled him as if they'd been in love forever! She wasted no time in letting everyone know that she was very happy with her handsome new boyfriend. And he clearly felt the same way.

Now they are happy and healthy in their forever home, where Snowy clearly doesn't have any trouble sharing her digs with her new man. They share their home with some of our favorite humans, Peggy and Ove, four other rescued bunnies, and two rescued dogs. It's a house full of activity, snuggling and lots of love!

 A recent photo of the happy couple


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