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We are a Seattle-area house rabbit rescue and we have lots of great, healthy bunnies for adoption. We are also experts when it comes to special-needs house rabbits, and we want our website to become a resource for special-needs bunny owners. We care for 60-80 bunnies at our shelter, and we provide permanent sanctuary for bunnies who need specialized care. We are an all-volunteer, registered 501(c)3 organization. 

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Max Factor has a little loppy lady

Max Factor came to us as a tiny baby bunny. We gave him his name in honor of his very fancy eye makeup! One day we got a call from a couple who have a small, bossy little holland lop girl who was in need of some bunny-company, and the two had a date in Angie's kitchen (Angie's kitchen is like romantic restaurant of the bunny world!). The two hit it off (slowly at first, but it all worked out) and they live happily together now.


Marco has a new love, and a new home.

Marco and his brother Polo, with their mother Rosie, originally came to us several years ago. Polo is still at the shelter (he likes being a semi-wild rabbit and lives in one of our protected outdoor runs with his three girlfriends). Rosie was adopted and lived a very happy life with Tamara, and Marco was adopted to a family who wanted him as a bond-mate for their bunny. He was very bonded to that bunny, but the day after she died, he was brought back to us. We were sad, but we will ALWAYS take any of our bunnies back, no questions asked. Marco was terribly depressed and one of our wonderful set of foster parents took him home for several weeks, where he 'came back to life' under their gentle care. And then, Teri and Peter adopted him as a new boyfriend for their other rescued bunny, Maisie Brown. The two fell in love at first sight. And everyone is very very happy.

Marco / Rocco during his brief bachelor days at one of our wonderful foster homes.Beware the cuteness of the giant black nose!



Roger found his perfect human!

Here's a great shot of Kate on the day she adopted Roger and took him home! Roger was found wandering around outside. When he came to us, he was emaciated and covered with urine stains. He was terrified and in pain from a leg injury, which never quite healed properly. Now? Well, a lot has changed. Roger is a happy go lucky bouncy little guy who is very happy in his new home with the very responsible Kate, who did tons of research about bunnies before she and her parents were ready to adopt. We're so happy for all of them!


Lovely Lola got a new home!

Yay for Lola!

Lola was a long-term special bunny resident. She's blind in one eye, which didn't bother us (or her!) one bit. But she was overlooked for years by potential adopters. It turned out to be all for the best, because she's found her forever home with Dianne, and they are both pleased as punch.

Here's a wonderful update we got from Dianne telling us all about 'Miss Winnie' (aka our Lola)

Hello Angie, and Happy Autumn to you! (<:

Just wanted to let you know that Miss Winnie (Lola) had a well-bunny checkup last week with Dr. Beth Owen over in Gig Harbor.  You are probably familiar with Dr. Owen, as I understand that she cares for some of the shelter bunnies.  Miss Winnie loved her, and so did I.   Everyone on staff was super nice, and they all commented on what a well behaved bunny she is.  We plan to visit again with any needs our little girl has. 

Dr. gave Miss Winnie a glowing report.  She weighs 4lbs 3oz, and has a good heart rate.  Teeth and ears and glands are all in great shape.  Dr. approved her diet, exercise and sleeping habits.  She scoped her back teeth to more finely determine her age, and said that she is close to four years old.  So, we are planning a March birthday party for her and the grandbabies.(<:

Miss Winnie and I have tread carefully while we have learned to trust each other under all different circumstances, and it has really paid off.  She is mellow and super sweet.  She has her routine down pat, and when I am late on any of her agenda items, she just hops into the kitchen and stares at me until I remember my task.(<:  We've worked out quite satisfying methods of having breakfast early, and later cleaning her box everyday at the same time, followed by rewarding with a raisin.  She tells me when she wants her bedtime biscuit (usually about 9:15pm), and wants regular brushing, body massaging, and petting, at her whim, in-between those events.  I am happy to comply.

Bunny has chosen a carpeted corner of the living room, just at the edge of the open kitchen, where she spends a lot of the day.  From there, she can keep an eye on me, and I can easily poke myself in and pet her.  Most mornings, she runs laps around the living room before breakfast.  It's adorable, and very rewarding to see her reach the point of being that comfortable and happy.  It's all good. (<:  We love her to pieces!(<:

I sure hope that things are going well for you, Angie, and for the special buns who are fortunate to be in your care.  We'll try to be better about updating you, and will give Miss Winnie hugs for you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Angie.  We are thankful to you for partnering Miss Winnie with us.  We can't imagine life without her in it.  She's our baby.


Everest finds new love...with gorgeous Mz. Snowy!

Everest came to us when he was a teeny tiny little thing. For the first couple of weeks, we weren't at all sure that he was going to survive. Angie kept him warm by snuggling him cupped between her hands.

Everest survived and thrived on a special formula for baby bunnies and meds that helped him fight off infections. He had a huge appetite and had to be fed often. And then, he had to be cleaned! Baby bunnies are not the tidiest eaters in the world.

Baby bunnies don't eat greens right away. Their digestive systems have to develop enough to be able to handle things like parsley. As you can see in our pictures, Everest took to greens like a champ!

Little Everest loved growing up with the gentle care of Angie, who held him and loved him, but also gave him freedom to run around and stretch his cute little leggies. 

Everest got his name from his love of climbing. And his first big adventure was climbing Angie's couch, where Pumpkin and Chloe (you can read more about them on in the permanent residents area of the site) have made a home for themselves.  As you can see, they were very patient with Everest, who thought they were the coolest things ever, and wanted to hang out with them all the time.

As a trouble-making toddler, he loved romping around Angie's house, and would find lots of ways to get in 'trouble'. In this shot, he was caught helping himself to some treats that Angie bought at our fundraising auction. Yum!

And then...it was time for forever home! Angie knew she was going to miss Everest terribly, but it was time to find him his own forever home, where he could have the companionship of another bunny and plenty of room to run and play every single day. And that's when he met...SNOWY! She's on the left in this shot. We can only imagine they took one look at each other and thought 'Oh! That's the most beautiful rabbit I've ever seen!' And of course we agree.

Snowy and Everest fell in love, almost at first sight. Snowy simply flopped out and snuggled him as if they'd been in love forever! She wasted no time in letting everyone know that she was very happy with her handsome new boyfriend. And he clearly felt the same way.

Now they are happy and healthy in their forever home, where Snowy clearly doesn't have any trouble sharing her digs with her new man. They share their home with some of our favorite humans, Peggy and Ove, four other rescued bunnies, and two rescued dogs. It's a house full of activity, snuggling and lots of love!

 A recent photo of the happy couple


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