Welcome to Special Bunny!

We are a Seattle-area house rabbit rescue and we have lots of great, healthy bunnies for adoption. We are also experts when it comes to special-needs house rabbits, and we want our website to become a resource for special-needs bunny owners. We care for 60-80 bunnies at our shelter, and we provide permanent sanctuary for bunnies who need specialized care. We are an all-volunteer, registered 501(c)3 organization. 

Enjoy our latest news & updates on our Special Bunny Rescue Facebook Page. Use the navigation on the left to dive into detailed information about our shelter, our bunnies, advice, resources, and much much more!


It's time! The 2014 Yard Sale is coming!

We're excited for this year's EPIC yard sale for bunnies! 

Got stuff you don't need? Let us know!
Got stuff you DO need? Make sure to come, shop, and hobnob with bunny people! 


Be a Bunbassador. Spread the word that bunnies should NOT be given as easter gifts. 

Want to help? Just share one or more of these great posters on your facebook page, or print them out and put them up where you work and play!


February is adopt a rescued rabbit month!

If you've been thinking about improving your life and home with bunnies, now is the time! We've got some extremely delightful bunnies available for adoption, and they are waiting to meet you! If you don't see the perfect bunny for you on our Petfinder list, email us anyway. We are working on getting all of our eligible buns up on Petfinder, but we're usually a little bit behind and the perfect bun or buns may be at our shelter, waiting to meet you! 

And remember, even if you adopt from another shelter, we're here to help! You can always contact us for personalized advice on everything from housing to diet to behavior to bonding...and more. And if you are in the Seattle area, we're happy to do house-calls to help with whatever you need (in exchange for a small donation to our shelter buns). And don't forget to check out the fun on our Facebook page and our ever-expanding Success Stories page to get warm-and-fuzzy feelings!


Get the 2014 Hoppy Endings Calendar Today!

Hoppy Holidays, EveryBun! (sorry, we can't help ourselves!)

Our 2014 Hoppy Endings calendar is here and available for purchase, and it's truly awesome (if we do say so ourselves). In past years, we've auctioned off pages at our fundraiser. This year, we've done something different: every single picture is of a bunny who has had a happy ending to a difficult story, thanks to all the efforts of our amazing Special Bunny crew. You'll get to see pictures and read all about bunnies who are now happy, healthy, and busy bossing around their brand new parents. 


Order your calendar -- or maybe calendarS -- right this minute!

You can choose to pick up your calendar in Green Lake or Carnation, or we are happy to mail it to you!


Pick it up or have it mailed?

Or email us to order yours!



The auction was a ginormous success! THANK YOU ALL!

The 2013 Special Bunny Silent Auction & Dinner Extravaganza was a huge success! Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters, our big fundraiser of the year brought in a whopping $20,477 for our rabbits, and we couldn't be more grateful. Here are some highlights from a truly wonderful evening:

Marilyn & Peter Limberopolous came through once again with a beautiful setting and amazing food. This year we held the auction in their newest Rusty Pelican Cafe in Mill Creek, Washington, and everyone enjoyed the white-tablecloth ambiance, delicious appetizer and wine table, amazing greek buffet, and sinful dessert table. We are so grateful to the Limberopolous family and also Rusty Pelican staffers Kerry and Ashley, who donated their time to serve everyone at the party. 

Our auction diva Nichole and our volunteer staff spent six months rounding up delightful donations from lots of local and not-so-local companies and individuals, and their huge efforts resulted in a spectacular silent auction and raffle. Everyone at the auction left with arms full of baskets, gift certificates, and goodies. 

Local bunny-friendly business owners came out to support Special Bunny in wonderful ways. Jen of BunnyBytes created fought-over auction baskets and fantastic treat bags, which included yummies from John at Bunfectionary. They looked so good we had to remind everyone that they were for bunnies, not people! Marissa from Mud Bay joined us, along with several bun-baskets, and carrot 'prizes' for quiz-winners came from New Roots Organics.

This year, we included a 'Raise the Ears' event, in which auction attendees could pledge $240, $120, $60, or $25 to help us support the bunnies throughout the year. We also had an anonymous donor, who pledged to match every Raise the Ears donation up to a whopping $5,000! Thanks to all of our donors, and especially Jim & Michelle Billmaier, who made up the difference to meet our $5,000 matching goal, we did it, and this portion of the auction brought in a total of $10,000. The response was so incredibly generous that it made all the volunteers cry, which was a little embarrassing but more than worth it. We also have to thank Charles the English Lop, who made a surprise appearance and was generous enough to allow everyone to pet and fawn over him. Even though Charles can't raise his own ears (they are far too heavy!). we think he had a big part in the success of our Raise the Ears event. And we have big, happy news about Charles coming soon!

Thanks so much to all of our supporters! Please keep visiting us on Facebook and on our website to see our gift to you, more and more cute photos of bunnies that you help us help! We're also planning more, new events for later this winter and the spring, and we hope to see and meet even more of you at those. Thank you from all of us at Special Bunny!