Become a bunny foster parent

We usually have between 70 - 90 bunnies at our shelter, and many (but not all!) have special needs. With so many animals, it's hard to give every one of them the attention, socializing, and exercising they'd love to have. We rely on our foster parents to give our bunnies a 'break' from shelter life. We fully support our foster parents with everything they need, from food to advice to housing, and we can take care of all fostering expenses. Are you an experienced bunny person with a little extra room? Why not foster a bunny, even for a little while?

Or maybe you are new to the joys of bunny ownership, and you want to try it out before you commit to adopting permanenly? Then fostering might be perfect for you. If you are willing and able to foster, or if you simply want a little more information or would like to talk to someone about fostering a bunny, fill out our Foster application and send it to