Special Bunny’s Hoppy Ending Success Stories!

There’s nothing better than seeing one of our bunnies adopted into a loving home and flourishing with plenty of attention, food, toys, and opportunities to be bossy or get into trouble. Need a little pick-me-up? These Hoppy Endings stories are sure to do the trick.

Charles: From Starved To Star!

Charles weighed around 4 pounds when he arrived. A healthy weight for a rabbit his size is around 10 pounds.Remember…this story has a happy ending!! But it starts sad. Charles came to us almost dead. He didn’t have the energy to stand or hop, and could only eat for a few minutes before having to [...]

Diamond stares into her happy future!

Diamond the Angora bunny came to us from a high-kill shelter north of us. She’s always been a bit of an odd bunny…she just stares. And stares. And stares. At what, we have no idea. But she seems to enjoy it. Other than the staring, she is a normal, lovely, friendly girl. We think that [...]

Jazzy, now Olaf, and his lovely Sookie

Jazzy came to us from a high-kill shelter, where he went by the name “Penelope” (how embarassing for him!) We have no idea why no one adopted him while he was there…he’s the cutest little black lop, and he’s full of funny, bossy, bunny-y personality! We were told he was a spayed girl when he [...]


Herman came to us when he was 8 years old, with terrible abcesses on his face. He hadn't received the medical care he needed, and the neglect really showed. We immediately got him to the vet and the poor little guy endured some pretty major treatments. For a while, he kinda looked like the Phantom [...]