Men & Bunnies

The latest, greatest proof that a man is secure in his masculinity? Rabbit ownership. Or rather, ownership by a rabbit. There’s nothing more alluring than a strong man wearing a suit, or construction gear, or jeans and a t-shirt, except a man who is ALSO wearing little tufts of bunny fur. Or big tufts of bunny fur, especially around his shoulder and chest-proof that he has spent at least some of his day holding a house bunny. There are lots of men who have adopted Special Bunny bunnies, and we love them all. Some of them were introduced to bunnies by a lady in their life, some by another man, some discovered bunnies all on their own. But no matter how a man discovers the wonders of sharing life with a house rabbit, he’ll be hooked, because bunnies are partly pet, partly addiction. Men love house rabbits because they are hilarious, bossy, self-assured creatures who seem to have no idea that they are ‘prey animals.’ Sure, bunnies are cuddly, but they are also little tiny gangsters in furry outfits. We hope that you’ll enjoy these photos of some of our favorite bun-addicted men. And we hope you’ll go forth and convince every man in your life that he simply must adopt a house rabbit. Or two. Because, of course, everyone loves a man with a great pair of buns.