Christy & Mitch are getting married!

This is a first for us at Special Bunny…two of our favorite adopters are getting married, and they are asking you, their beloved guests and admirers, to donate to Special Bunny in celebration of their wedding!

Why Special Bunny?

Christy & Mitch came to us because their furry ‘son,’ Alfred Lord Tennybuns, was a lonely chap. He needed a lady in his life to dote on and admire. So, he came for a date at our shelter in Carnation, where he fell ears over paws for Macey, an older woman we had rescued from another shelter.

Macey was a little tougher to convince. As many fine ladies do, she played a bit hard to get. And she kept playing. For over six months. But Christy and Mitch persevered, essentially putting themselves in a cage to give their bunnies maximum room for their courtship. And it worked.

Any resemblance to the courtship of Christy & Mitch is purely coincidental.

Today, the two loving couples (Christy & Mitch and Alfred & Macey) share their cute little home. Now that the bunnies are bonded for life, it’s only appropriate for Christy & Mitch to make it official, and we couldn’t be happier.

Christy and Mitch both love and support bunnies and bunny rescue, and we are honored to be the recipients of their generosity. 

Your donation is fully tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt for your taxes at the end of the year. 

Christy & Mitch also encourage you to find out if your company matches donations to registered 501c3 nonprofits–if they do, you can double your gift!

Ready to celebrate? Just…