Binkies & Flops: Proof That You Have A Happy Bunny!

Bunny binkies and flops are the joy of rabbit owners. These fun ‘bunny moves’ are the ultimate expression of bunny happiness and proof that they are comfortable in their homes.


Binkies are huge, crazy, funny jumps-for-joy. They range from small head shakes to huge 180-degree spins high up in the air.

Billy the Bunny is a star on youtube. His owner posted this video of Billy. See if you can identify the various kinds of binkies you’ll see in this video!

1. Warm Up
2. Grand Entrance
3. Frolic
4. Helicopter
5. Catapult
6. Sidestep
7. Periscope
8. Dash
9. Spin
10. Leap
11. Flop

Bunny 500

The ‘Bunny 500’ is another expression of happiness…and speed! Bunny 500s are super-fast dashes around your home, sometimes up and over furniture and people.

Bunny Flops

The “Bunny Flop” is just that…a huge, sudden flop from a sitting or standing position to lying on the side on the floor. Bunny Flops scare the pants off of new bunny owners, as a flopped bunny often looks dead. Many happy, flopped bunnies have been poked just to prove to worried owners that they are, indeed, very much alive.

In this video, you can see both binkies and an exhausted flop (around 30 seconds into the video)

Purring, aka Chompies, aka Tooth Grinding

Happy bunnies also grind their teeth, which is the bunny equivalent of purring.