Playing & Toys

Your bunny will probably enjoy playing with the cardboard box, paper bag, or paper box-filler at least as much (if not more) than the expensive toy inside.

Great list of fun toys that you can find around your house:

And check out this Pinterest page with lots of ideas for DIY Bunny Boredom Busters!

It is a joy to watch your bunny play outside but…..
Do not let your rabbit play on grass that has been fertilized or had a weed killer put on it. Always supervise your rabbit while it is outside, it takes just a few seconds for a dog to kill or frighten your rabbit to death. Never leave your rabbit outside after dark. Predators are raccoons, stray dogs, cats, possums, owls and coyotes. Even in the city, these predators exist. Even in a secure hutch, a rabbit can be frightened to death by a predator attempting to get in.

Bunnies will play with anything!

Note: Do NOT give your bunnies potato chips, or bags made out of plastic or metal that they can eat.

More cheap ‘n cheerful bunny toys!

  • baby keys
  • toys from Binky Bunny
  • cardboard castles
  • apple sticks
  • Toilet paper and paper towel tubes
  • Cardboard tubes (8” or larger)
  • Paper cups
  • Newspaper (wadded up) and scraps of white paper
  • Straw baskets and Rattan paper plate holders (unpainted)
  • Soft drink cans with a pebble inside (tape the hole closed)
  • Wire balls with a bell inside (cat toys)
  • Cardboard boxes, you can get as creative as you like with boxes
  • Things to jump up on (they like to be in high places)