Bunny Proofing Your Home

Bunnies are curious, mischevious creatures. They are explorers and they can easily get themselves into trouble–and it’s your job to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves or your belongings. A great first step is to get down on the floor and take a look around from a rabbits-eye view. Here are some important things to look for.


Rabbits love to chew on wires – electric, phone, cable and computer wires. You must protect your possessions as well as your rabbit’s life. You can purchase plastic tubing which, when slit open, can be slipped over most wires and taped in a few places. Bunny doesn’t find this as enticing. Some wires can be taped up higher on the wall or tucked under the rug. Check hidden places where the rabbit could climb up and reach those wires. He might find wires that you can’t see as well, such as behind the washer or dryer, behind the TV or behind or under the bed.


Some rabbits will chew on the corners of the walls or wood trim on windows and baseboards. This is one reason you must watch your rabbit while he is free in the house. If he finds an irresistible spot, you can purchase hard plastic corners at the hardware store. These were meant for the edges of wallpaper. Sheet rock is not good for them.


For items like chair legs, coffee tables, kitchen cabinets and doorframes, a product called “Bitter Apple” can be purchased at most pet stores. It is applied to the wood and serves as a deterrent to chewing. They must have their own piece of wood to chew on. If they continue to chew on your wood, clap your hands loudly to make them stop then give them their own wood to chew on. (NO CEDAR)


Some houseplants are toxic to bunnies, and they’ll eat them even though they are poisonous.

List of toxic plants