Health Overview & Useful Links

Bunnies need regular maintenance and check-ups…just like we do!

Your bunny can live a happy, healthy, long life, but every once in a while you may encounter a health issue. In this section of our web site, our goal is to provide you with some basic bunny maintenance and health information so that you can be informed and empowered to take great care of your bunnies.

Make sure you know how to do ‘Bunny Maintenance’

Every day, week, month, and year, there are basic things you can do to keep your bunny happy and healthy, and avoid bigger health issues and illnesses.

Be prepared and informed

We suggest you read all of the health pages on this site to get familiar with the kinds of health issues your bunny can encounter throughout his or her life. These pages can sound a little scary, but with care and maintenance, your bunny can avoid them!

Get a great bunny vet

If you live in the Greater Seattle area, use our  Veterinarian Recommendations . If you are visiting our site from somewhere else (welcome! we’re glad you’re here!), we suggest you search the web for recommendations of bunny-savvy vets in your area. Make sure the vet you choose has experience with rabbits.

Invest in a good reference book

It’s always good to have a reference book on-hand just in case. Plus, most of them have cute pictures of bunnies in them, which is a bonus. We recommend several excellent reference books.

Helpful links from around the web

Rabbit Health & Medicine
A great source of information regarding Rabbit Health.

Merck Vet Manual for Rabbits
Trusted Resource for animal care

Rabbit Health & Reference
More good health information

Velveteen Lop’s Channel on YouTube
Lots of great instructional and informational videos.

House Rabbit Society Health Information
The “Health” section of the House Rabbit Society’s web site. Here you will find a variety of articles relating to rabbit health. Also be sure to check out the FAQ section, lots of good info here.

“Rabbit medicine…site aims at distributing the gathered knowledge: description of diseases, of the clinical signs…, …diagnose and treat the problem without endangering the life of the rabbit, etc.”

Various Illness:

Animal Poison Control Center (ASPCA)
The Animal Poison Control Center contact page on the ASPCA web site. Contact and fee information can be found here.

Veterinary Partners
This is a good site to find information and ask questions regarding your pet’s health. They even have a section where you can “Ask a Vet.”