How to handle a bunny safely

Bunnies are very delicate animals–they are much more delicate than dogs and cats. This is one reason why rabbits don’t make good pets for young children.

The most important thing to remember when handling a rabbit is to protect their spines. When you pick up a rabbit, its automatic response can be to kick its hind legs. A rabbit’s hind legs are very powerful, and a rabbit can easily kick hard enough to break its own back. This is why it’s critically important to support both the front and hind end of your rabbit, and to be both gentle and firm when handling your rabbit.

When you are holding your rabbit, make sure to hold it close to your body, and always support its hindquarters. If your rabbit starts to squirm, do NOT let go. Instead, hold firmly to your rabbit. This can be difficult if your rabbit struggles enough to start scratching you, which is why you should always wear long sleeves when handling your rabbit (especially as you and your rabbit get used to one another). Try bouncing your whole body up and down gently to distract your rabbit. This can stop the squirming long enough for your to safely place your rabbit back down.

This video contains some good advice on handling your rabbit.