Diamond the Angora bunny came to us from a high-kill shelter north of us. She’s always been a bit of an odd bunny…she just stares. And stares. And stares. At what, we have no idea. But she seems to enjoy it. Other than the staring, she is a normal, lovely, friendly girl. We think that she had a rough start to life, and as a result she really hates to be groomed and to have her fur brushed. But we persevered, got her cleaned up, gave her an easy-to-manage haircut and waited for her forever parents to show up in her life.

We got some interest from people who wanted to spin her fur, and, while we don’t have a problem with spinners per se, we just knew that Diamond had to be in a home with people willing to keep her long, easily-matting fur short. She needed a place where she could just sit and stare and be loved for nothing more than that.

We got a call from Laura, a wonderful woman who, along with her husband Gary, had rescued one of several dumped lionhead bunnies near their work. That bunny, Leo, is a true peach…he’s super friendly and loves to be held, and he’s bright white, just like Diamond! Laura became very interested in caring for bunnies, and through her research learned that Leo would be even happier if he had a friend, so she reached out to us to help with some dates.

And that’s where fate took over. Leo took one look at Diamond and that was it. He was smitten! And Diamond? Well, she stared at Leo. Huge surprise. Leo thought that just made her cuter. So, off they went to Laura & Gary’s house to start their life together…along with rescued cats, dogs, and even a pigeon.

They had a little bit of a shaky start as Diamond got her footing in her new home (literally! Laura had to buy new rugs!), and as Leo calmed down in his amorousness towards Diamond. But today, they are buns in love, and they enjoy the attentions of their now-bunny-addicted humans. Diamond still stares, but only when she’s not half-closing her eyes in bliss.

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