Treating a Rabbit with Fleas


Do not use Frontline or Sentinel on your rabbit.
These medications can cause adverse reactions or even death in rabbits.

Never use a flea collar (or any collar) on your rabbit. Your rabbit will chew the collar, which contains toxic chemicals, and could get a paw tangled in the collar and get injured.

Do not bathe your rabbit. Rabbits can inhale water and ‘dry-drown’ hours later. Instead, use one of the recommended treatments below and a flea comb to remove fleas and eggs from your bunny.

If your rabbit has fleas, you can use Revolution or Advantage to kill the adult fleas and eggs.

  • You will need to treat the affected rabbit AND any other animals in your household who live in the same area or who are in contact with your rabbit.
  • Wash all the animal bedding, preferably in hot water with a little bit of bleach.
  • Change all litterboxes completely.
  • If you have carpet, you will need to treat it (remember, for every one flea you see, there are at least another 100 eggs waiting to hatch). To treat carpet, sprinkle Borax on the carpet and leave it for several hours. Vaccuum the Borax, and consider leaving some Borax in your vaccuum cleaner to kill any remaining eggs.
  • For more information:

Advantage is made for cats and dogs, but can safely be used on rabbits. Ask your vet for the appropriate dosage for your rabbit. We typically use a single drop of Advantage for cats on medium sized rabbits.

Advantage does not require a prescription. You can purchase it at most pet supply stores and online.

We recommend Revolution for treating fleas, mites, and other rabbit parasites. Revolution is more expensive than Advantage and does require a prescription, but it’s often worth it.