Disabled Rabbits

Injuries can happen, but that doesn’t have to mean the end of a long happy life for your pet. There are disabilities that rabbits can live with, if you can provide the care and attention to ensure that your pet thrives despite its physical issues.

If you have a disabled rabbit, contact us. We can put you in touch with other people living with this type of friend, and we can be a resource for you when and if you need help.


Rabbits can live as amputees. You many have to help them off and on the couch, but if an accident or illness causes you to make a decision to amputate or to consider euthanasia, please also consider that they can get along just fine on (for instance) just three legs.

Paraplegic Rabbits / Broken Backs

It does not happen often, but it is not uncommon for a rabbit to break their back. Not everyone can put the time and energy into caring for a paraplegic rabbit, but be aware that it is possible for a paraplegic rabbit to live out it’s life with you. If it’s an only rabbit, you might even consider getting it an older, quieter rabbit as a friend to help with the grooming.

For more information, we recommend

When Your Rabbit Needs Special Care:
Traditional and Alternative Healing Methods
by Lucile C. Moore and Kathy Smith

See our reference books page for more resources.

Great examples of disabled rabbits living happy lives!

Blueberry, the amazing wheelchair bunny!

Ethel, a british bunny, starred on a TV show!

Watch this fun video about Ethel, a rabbit with a paralyzed back end who happily zooms around in her custom wheelchair!