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We are now selling what we believe to be the cutest t-shirts on the planet, and maybe in the whole universe. And we’re not biased at all, no-siree-bub! These t-shirts boast our logo, featuring Angie’s first special needs bunny Sunshine, on the front. Even better? They’ve got a BUNNY BUTT ON THE BACK! Aieeee!!! (*THUD* –the author just passed out from cuteness). All proceeds go, of course, to the bunnies.


100% Cotton

The front says:

On the back:
Special Bunny Rabbit Rescue
Special Needs House rabbit resources, rescue & Rehab
& Seattle-area bunny adoptions


Yours for the low low price of:

$20 (local pick up) or $25 (priority mail).

Sizes: Adult small, medium, large, XL, and XXL. Please specify size when ordering.

NEW! Kid sizes small, medium, large!

Back of shirt

front of tshirt