Oh, Jimmy, we miss you SO much.

Jimmy was found in a chicken coop with his back broken and was being pecked by all the chickens. He was just looking for some food and how he made it this far we don’t know. Why someone could throw out a little bunny like this is beyond us. He had the worst parasites our vet had ever seen & we were not sure he would make it but he did. We thought that eventually we could get him up into a wheelchair but because of how his spine had fused together and twisted his rib cage, that was not possible. He had continuous medical problems and we gave him the care he needed. He was very beloved and well-groomed by Boo and Herman…somehow, the threesome all bonded together and lived happily in Angie’s living room for a long, long time. We treasure the time we had with Jimmy. He’s the classic case of a truly wonderful special needs bunny who thrived with the care he so deserved.


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