Delicious Munch Crunchy Timothy Hay for your bunnies! Now available in Carnation and Green Lake.

You can purchase our amazing hay for your bunnies (or guinea pigs, or…whoever!) from Special Bunny. All proceeds fund the hay for our shelter bunnies!

10 pound bags are $20. These contain around two compressed flakes of hay. If you would like a larger amount, just ask and we will try to make it happen.

To pick up hay in Carnation, please email Angie. She will arrange a good time for you to come pick up your hay.

To pick up hay in Green Lake, Seattle, please email Tamara. Tamara has a self-serve box on her front porch

There’s a big wood cabinet on Tamara’s front porch. The bags of hay are inside. Each bag is $20 and all the money goes to our shelter bunnies. There’s a little cash box for the $. You can leave cash or a check. But currently we prefer PayPal using the donate button on If for any reason your bun doesn’t like the hay we will give you a refund. This has happened zero times. ? It’s a good idea to email the day before you come to make sure I have some available.

Unfortunately, we can’t ship our hay.