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Our Mission: Special Bunny serves house rabbits and the people who love them through rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming and sanctuary. We promote compassion, community and proper care, with a focus on elderly and special-needs bunnies.

We are a Seattle-area house rabbit rescue and we have lots of great, healthy bunnies for adoption. We are also experts when it comes to special-needs house rabbits, and we want our website to become a resource for special-needs bunny owners. We care for 60-80 bunnies at our shelter, and we provide permanent sanctuary for bunnies who need specialized care. We are an all-volunteer, registered 501(c)3 organization.

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Protected: Penny & Pip! Our adorable SB alumni got their RHDV2 vaccines this week at a local vet, even though they're indoor buns. With active RHDV2 in Washington, everybun should get vaccinated for safety! We'll see many of you today for dose 2 at our final clinic this season -- thanks to everyone for coming and for donating to help us vaccinate others. If your bun still needs vaccinated, call your vet or check our website for a list. ❤️ Repost via Reposter @miss.bunny.penny: RHDV2 vaccination day! It's so important to get your bunnies vaccinated as RHDV2 is a horrific and devastating disease that impacts both wild and house rabbits. Check out @specialbunnyorg for resources and more info! ...

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Reservations are now open for our RHDV2 vaccine clinic, June 5 & 18 in Duvall! We expect to fill every spot, so don't delay -- go to http://www.specialbunny.org/vax to get full details, sign up and share!

This will be the U.S. vaccine Medgene, which is a two-dose protocol. If your bun has never been vaccinated, you'll need to reserve a spot on and attend BOTH dates for full protection. (The single-dose vaccine is no longer available.) Please also note that the first date is a Sunday but the second date, June 18, is a Saturday -- to avoid scheduling difficulties around Father's Day.

We are extremely lucky, grateful and thankful that Dr. Joel is able to squeeze this in and expect it to be our last clinic for the summer. (Local vets also carry the vaccine but generally require an exam; see our website for a list.) Thanks also to Safeway in Duvall for allowing the use of your lot so we can help more bunnies -- we highly recommend picking up some salad for your buns while there ❤️
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SAVE THE DATES: June 5 & June 18! We're hosting another RHDV2 vaccine clinic, thanks to Dr. Joel Cuthbert & and the good folks at Safeway in Duvall (not that far from Seattle)!

Going forward, our clinics will use the U.S. vaccine, Medgene, which is a two-dose protocol, hence the two dates. If your bun has never been vaccinated, you'll need a shot on BOTH dates for full protection. (The single-dose vaccine is no longer available.)

Stay tuned for all the details and the link to register to guarantee your spot -- and please SHARE to help other bunnies! #Seattle #Bellevue #houserabbit #rhdv2 #IndoorRabbit

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Official word from Washington State Department of Agriculture confirming active RHDV2 in King County. If you or someone you know has bunnies, don't panic, act -- learn about this terrible disease and what steps you can take right now, including sharing this post. Please also join us in thanking Dr. Itle and the team at the Department of Agriculture for all they do to ensure the continued health and safety of bunnies in our state. #Seattle #HouseRabbit #IndoorRabbit #rescue #Washington #BunniedWorldwide #pets #VeganPets ...

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We are sold out for our upcoming vaccine clinic! You can still visit our Vax page for location and time information.

Rabbit Haven in Gig Harbor is holding another vaccine clinic on May 22.


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REMINDER! Sign up today.
A note from Dr. Joel for people renewing vaccinations from last year: Follow-up vaccines do not need to be exactly 12 months apart, so there is no problem going a little early or a little late (even a month or two in either direction is fine). Register at specialbunny.org/vax

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RHDV2 Vaccine Clinic in Northgate, Seattle! Bring your bunnies and Dr. Joel will administer the vaccines while you stay in your cars. All info and pre-registration here: specialbunny.org/vax ...

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What to say to people planning on buying real bunnies for Easter: Part 4! #easterbunny #easterbunnies #babybunny #adoptdontshop #easter #petrabbit #bunbassador ...

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What to say to people planning on buying real bunnies for Easter: Part 3! #easterbunny #easterbunnies #babybunny #adoptdontshop #easter #petrabbit #bunbassador ...

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What to say to people planning on buying real bunnies for Easter: Part 2! #easterbunny #easterbunnies #babybunny #adoptdontshop #easter #petrabbit #bunbassador ...

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What to say to people planning on buying real bunnies for Easter: Part 1! ...

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Alvin, Simon, and Theodore (our chipmunks) are very organized. Their ears and some of their feet were groomed off by their mother when they were tiny. This happens when a mom bun is very stressed. But they found a home at Special Bunny and live comfortably on soft pads and they have Angie to gently clean inside their ears for them. Meanwhile, when they get out to run around, they are parkour masters. Apparently missing feet doesn't mean missing fun. Theodore had to have surgery when his back leg became inflamed and our awesome vet Dr Dan removed a leftover piece of bone. So send your best wishes (and donations if you can) to help him recover! ...

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#Repost @hopperholic
Love is so wonderful the second time around. Saucy lost his beloved pudding a while ago and just wasn’t his chipper self without a friend. So Katie brought him to us for a date, and he and new rescue Rue hit it off. With patient bonding, the two are now a devoted pair and Saucy can once again get his snuggle on any time he wants. Thanks to Katie, the human who made this lovely life happen
for our rescue bunnies. #bunniesofinstagram #houserabbit #adoptdontshop🐾 #bunnybonding #bunnylove

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ADOPTED: Ash & Kiwi‼️🥰😍❤ Any adoption is cause for celebration, and when it's a bonded pair, doubly so 🐰🐰 Pairs are so often overlooked and have to wait longer for their chance, but they do not mean twice the work, and you don't have to do bonding yourself -- a huge plus! These dear sisters waited patiently and found forever with new brothers Spencer & Cameron and mom Kristin, who did their research and learned about proper care on our website (link in bio) before deciding to adopt. Please join us in sending love to the new family ❤❤❤❤❤ #bunny #rabbit #HouseRabbit #rescue #rescuepets #Seattle #Bellevue #veganpets #vegan #nonprofit #charity #adoptdontshop #petsarefamily ...

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It's Sunday! Who's brunching, bunnies? Aumnus Percy sure is 🥰🤤😋🥬🥬🥬 #bunny #rabbit #HouseRabbit #IndoorRabbit #brunch #SundayFunday #SundayBrunch #pets #rescue #VeganPets #vegan #PetsAreFamily #AdoptDontShop #NotJustForEaster #Seattle #nonprofit #charity ...

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