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Our Mission: Special Bunny serves house rabbits and the people who love them through rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming and sanctuary. We promote compassion, community and proper care, with a focus on elderly and special-needs bunnies.

We are a Seattle-area house rabbit rescue and we have lots of great, healthy bunnies for adoption. We are also experts when it comes to special-needs house rabbits, and we want our website to become a resource for special-needs bunny owners. We care for 60-80 bunnies at our shelter, and we provide permanent sanctuary for bunnies who need specialized care. We are an all-volunteer, registered 501(c)3 organization.

Enjoy our latest news & updates on our Special Bunny Rescue Facebook Page. Dive into detailed information about our shelter, our bunnies, advice, resources, and much much more!

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Hello all! Our dear friends at @rabbithaven_gigharbor are having an awesome event this Saturday in Gig Harbor, WA! Come join for fun, silent and live auctions, and bunnies glaore! A few Special Bunny folks will be there and we hope many of you can come to support everyone doing all the great work at Rabbit Haven. Angie learned most of what she knows about buns from Sue at Rabbit Haven and we consider ourselves a 'sister shelter'! ...

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Meet Owlette😍🐇 she is so affectionate and loves snuggles and cuddles. She’s like a teddy bear of a bunny. She would love a furever free roam life. She would be such a wonderful addition to a bunny loving home! ❤️❤️❤️ ...

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Time is running out! We are still collecting photos for our 2024 Calendar. This year, it's all about the frowns. We want to see great pictures of incredibly annoyed bunnies. Bunnies who have just had it with your shenanigans. Rabbits that are about to yell "hey you kids, get off my lawn!" No, you don't have to actually aggravate your animals. Just take a photo from slightly below their face and voila...disdain! LINK IN BIO And please share!

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There's still time! We are still collecting photos for our 2024 Calendar. This year, it's all about the frowns. We want to see great pictures of incredibly annoyed bunnies. Bunnies who have just had it with your shenanigans. Rabbits that are about to yell "hey you kids, get off my lawn!" We know you have them. LINK IN BIO And please share!

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It's time! We are collecting photos for our 2024 Calendar. This year, it's all about the frowns. ANYBUNNY CAN APPLY! We want to see great pictures of incredibly annoyed bunnies. Bunnies who have just had it with your shenanigans. Rabbits that are about to yell "hey you kid, get off my lawn." We know you have them. Send them to us at specialbunny.org/calendar-link in bio. And please share!
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We got a bittersweet (but happily-ended) email from one of our followers today, and we want to remind everybody to learn what to do if your bunny chokes:

"I just want to thank you for your amazing resource for a choking bunny. The way it’s labeled at the top to go to the video, and the way the video is made like you’re right there with us in the crises helped so much. Even the moment where the video said, you’re saving their life don’t give up, was perfect timing bc I was crying and exhausted and needed the encouragement. We saved our bunny Chewie’s life today because of you! Thank you so much."

We are SO glad Chewie made it and that you were able to get through this horrible experience together. Please share this video and get more info on our specialbunny dot org site on the choking page (link in bio).

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Bunny Speed-Dating Event! We are bringing in some eligible bachelor and bachelorette bunnies to meet sassy singletons on July 15, Saturday, in the early afternoon at the main shelter in Carnation. All involved bunnies must/will be fully vaccinated for RHDV2. So far we have three bunnies lined up for dates. Are you looking for a pal for your bun? Contact us to see if this invite-only session makes sense for you! Email tamara at specialbunny dot org if you'd like to be included. ...

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Join us in wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Angie, our fearless founder, our HRIC (Head Rabbit in Charge), friend to bunnies and bunny people for decades. Here she is at our vaccine clinic enjoying some time in the sun with her BFF Roland, who loves her even more than she loves him (if that's possible). Angie, thank you for all the late night calls, the emergency help, the bunny baby-talk, the supported adoptions, the training, the cleaning, and even the grumbling about water dishes being in the wrong places. We love you. ...

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Hi all! Reminder that the second and last RHDV vax clinic is this Sunday! Info at specialbunny.org. ALSO! Oxbow adult 25lb bags on sale on Amazon today for $21!!! ...

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Don’t forget! Details and map on our site. If you haven’t signed up we may have extra shots. Email tamara@specialbunny.org. Next clinic June 25! ...

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We are beyond thrilled to to share that Timberline Veterinary Emergency and Specialty is now open in Seattle and YES THEY TAKE BUNNIES. Welcome to our bunny community, Timberline staff and vets! We will share more details as we get them, but for now we know they DO have rabbit vets and we believe they are setting up a room just for exotics. Keep their contact information on you just in case. We hope you never need them but we are so happy they are here in case you do. Please head to their page to say hello! ...

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REGISTRATION EXTENDED! We got puh-lenty of vaccines and can accept more registrations. Remember, your buns need this vaccine every single year, and RHDV2 has absolutely hit our area. Please protect your bunnies. Local vets also offer the vaccine. If you can't make our clinic, the least expensive we've found is at @northseattlevet. ...

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REGISTER TO VACCINATE YOUR BUNNIES TODAY. We need to know how many shots to order so please sign up and prepay by 5pm on Friday, May 12 (this friday!). Details on how many shots you need are on our site--click the banner on the home page.

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A celebration of lives well lived: Our wonderful adopter Sally said goodbye to Spencer and Lila this week. This is deeply sad news, but also a moment to appreciate that these bunnies lived the dream we have for all of our rescues. Angie sent a note to Sally: "I remember the day that Spencer came in, my heart melted immediately. He was such a gentle special boy. Then came Lila, so sweet and innocent. I knew they had to be together, and they had the most wonderful bond with each other and with you. You gave them an amazing loving home, where they felt so safe and always loved. As sad as it was, I am glad they were able to go together. We see this a lot in older bunnies, when they have been together for so long, when one starts downhill, it seems the mate follows shortly after. They are there for each other and had such a long incredible bond, that they helped each other through life." Enjoy this video of Spencer and Lila, two rescue bunnies living the dream, so deeply trusing of their home and human that they often didn't even bother to wake up when their faces were touched--unless maybe there might be a treat after. Which there always was. ...

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Mystery: which side is the top?? ...

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Hi everyone! Tickets are now on sale for our 2023 RHDV2 vaccine clinic.
Here are some answers to your questions:
1. What vaccine is this? Medgene. It's the only one in use now. The French Filavac vax was available through early 2022.
2. Do I have to get a booster if my bunny was vaxxed last year? Yes and the guidelines depend on the type and timing of your previous doses. Please see the page linked below for Dr. Joel's guidelines for 2023.
3. How much is it? $45 per shot per bunny. Number of shots needed varies by bunny. See guidelines specialbunny.org/vax and link in bio.
4. Is this clinic in the same place as previous years? No. We are in a new location in Phinney Ridge. Details in the link and will be sent in your confirm email.
5. Can we do it a little earlier because it will be several weeks past the anniversary of my last vaccine? Due to scheduling issues, we can't. Dr. Joel has reassured us that the vaccine will still provide coverage even if the booster is a little late.
6. Is this vax really important? YES. There have been terrible outbreaks here in the area and RHDV2 is extremely contagious, lives for a long time on surfaces and fabrics, has killed indoor-only bunnies, and is nearly 100% fatal.
7. The ticketing system adds on a big percentage fee in checkout. Do i have to pay this? NO. Use the dropdown to add a custom amount (or no fee). This ticketing system charges nonprofits no fees so it asks for contributions from donors.
8. Can I pay day-of? No. Please pay in advance so we know how many doses we will need.
9. What if I can't afford it? Contact us via email and we will see what we can do to help you.

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Last chance to get your reservations for Breakfast with the Bunny!

We have added new activities such as paint your own hard rock shirt, live bunnies with Special Bunny and balloon art with Sizzle the Clown !

Make your reservations now http://ow.ly/Bfi550NBt3u

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Another adoption! Little Kipu (the white one) was surrendered to Everett Animal Control because "the kids keep being rough with him." Well, this little guy never has to worry about that again. He recently had a date with Cornifer and they hit it off...we even have this video evidence that SHE groomed HIM first. We bet she won't admit that if you ask her. Kipu is going to be very spoiled by his doting new human Destiny and he will be sure to have a loving (and spicy) relationship with his new bun-wife. They're both super happy in their new home, and we think Destiny may have some secret bunny-bonding talents she can develop!

Stay tuned for the first videos of Kipu grooming Cornifer...coming soon.

If you have considered adopting, fostering, or finding a bondmate for your current rabbit, now is the time. 200 rabbits were recently rescued by Tacoma Humane. We've taken some and are trying to get more adoptions and fosters for all the bunnies in need. If there's somethings standing between you and brining a bunny into your home, maybe we can help.

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