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Our Mission: Special Bunny serves house rabbits and the people who love them through rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming and sanctuary. We promote compassion, community and proper care, with a focus on elderly and special-needs bunnies.

We are a Seattle-area house rabbit rescue and we have lots of great, healthy bunnies for adoption. We are also experts when it comes to special-needs house rabbits, and we want our website to become a resource for special-needs bunny owners. We care for 60-80 bunnies at our shelter, and we provide permanent sanctuary for bunnies who need specialized care. We are an all-volunteer, registered 501(c)3 organization.

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Another adoption! Little Kipu (the white one) was surrendered to Everett Animal Control because "the kids keep being rough with him." Well, this little guy never has to worry about that again. He recently had a date with Cornifer and they hit it off...we even have this video evidence that SHE groomed HIM first. We bet she won't admit that if you ask her. Kipu is going to be very spoiled by his doting new human Destiny and he will be sure to have a loving (and spicy) relationship with his new bun-wife. They're both super happy in their new home, and we think Destiny may have some secret bunny-bonding talents she can develop!

Stay tuned for the first videos of Kipu grooming Cornifer...coming soon.

If you have considered adopting, fostering, or finding a bondmate for your current rabbit, now is the time. 200 rabbits were recently rescued by Tacoma Humane. We've taken some and are trying to get more adoptions and fosters for all the bunnies in need. If there's somethings standing between you and brining a bunny into your home, maybe we can help.

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This just in from our dear friend Daryl:
In honor of The Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rabbit, in the greeting below, Esther says:
I wish you countless fortune and abundant prosperity for the Year of the Rabbit.
You can count on me, for I am The Bunny. Peace.

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Remember our delightful first-time adopters @sarahbinge and @caleb.s.o ? As we suspected, they are completely in love with their new small lop-eared family members. Caleb is even training them to do tricks...which is dangerous, because it makes them even more cute. And if they get any more cute, they might make people's heads explode. It's a thing.

We live for people, homes, and stories like these. Are you a first-time bunny-adopter? We are here to help and get you set up to enjoy house bunnies as much as Sarah and Caleb. 💖

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A holiday miracle! Bonding is always an interesting process. These two took it into their own paws! Felix (uppy-ears) has been so depressed since he lost Em. He came for a date with lovely lop Sasha a couple weeks ago and we planned to bond them next week. But Felix got SO sad when he got home that we pushed it up. It wasn’t the easiest love story—he turned his grief into….humping. Sigh. But look what happened! We have had so much loss this year but a spree of live-at-almost-first-sight bondings had put a fresh pep in our steps and pops in our hops. We hope this story brings you joy too!! #rescuepetsofinstagram #rabbit #bunny #bunniesofinstagram #rabbitsworldwide #bunnybonding #adoptdontshop🐾 #bunnylove #littlemiracles ...

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Omg you guys!! Look! Thumper from @bunnyshaming got her copy of the 2023 Bunnies Behaving Badly calendar. She’s even getting congratulated by Pigeon! Two famous AF bunnies love it … don’t you think you should order one? Link in bio or specialbunny.org. Maybe next year we can convince @peanutbunner_ to submit a photo! <—#blatant_famebun_manipulation ...

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Sure, our Bunnies Behaving Badly calendar is cute. But it's also good for tracking the a**holes who insist on visting you. How YOU use it is up to you. Link in bio or get it at specialbunny.org/calendar. #specialbunny #bunnies #bunniesofig #bunniesworldwide #bunniesthatlunch #bunniesoftheworld #bunniesofinstagram #rabbit #rabbits #rabbitstagram #cutepets #adoptdontshop #animal rescue ...

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Little Hop Hop found love! Our sweet little lop girl almost killed us with cuteness when we first saw her. I mean, seriously, look at that face! She wasn't at Special Bunny long before handsome Mr. Sniffles-the-gray-lop had his humans inquire about her availability for a date. We were so happy to oblige (we offer speed dating appointments for for the lagomorph singles' scene). And...it was love at first sight. This almost NEVER happens. Hop Hop took one look at Sniffles' handsome silvery-gray face and started grooming him. And she's STILL grooming him now that she's happily home with her new family! We are able to make cuteness like this happen because of your support. If you are looking to support us more, and would like more cuteness in exchange, why not buy our 2023 Bunnies Behaving Badly calendar? It's just $20 at specialbunny.org.

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Happy Saturday, bunny lovers! Today, join us in celebrating wonderfully kind local artist Lauren Rudeck and her divine shop @robotvsloth with a like, follow, share or visit! If you're wondering why a rescue would promote #SmallBusinessSaturday, that's easy: Small businesses also are an essential part of any thriving community! This one is dear to us especially. Lauren has supported us and so many nonprofits over the years, hosting fundraisers (remember the wonderful Easter Party?), donating a portion of sales on her incredible art (which includes buns!) and constantly educating about bunnies. The shop also is a sheer delight -- so creative, charming, kid friendly and unique, with stickers, apparel, art (of course!) and great DIY craft kits that make epic gifts. No visit to @pikeplacepublicmarket is complete without a stop, and right now, check out these adorable ornaments that link to nonprofit wishlists, including ours 🥰 Thank you Lauren for your generous support to the community, we love you! (You can shop online too!) #giftideas #ShopLocal #ShopSmallBusiness #art #HoueseRabbit #seattle #SupportArtists #bunny #rabbit #BunniesWorldwide #PetsofInstagram ...

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